Distribution Management System:

The System can provide to implement in multi-level and on multiple of server. 



System management features:
- Update the anti-virus software version for higher update servers;
- Online statistics and reporting of malware infection and compliance with security policies of the whole system;
- Receive and respond to information from administrators of Regional Centers;
- Export reports in Word, Excel formats;
- Remote control to lower level servers;
- Operating malware incident response in the whole system.

User management features:
- Centralized and comprehensive management, including: Software license, installed version, update status, information about software usage history;
- Statistics, reporting in real time: Statistics by malware type, by equipment; network access history; connection history of removable memory devices (USB, memory cards, removable hard drives);
- Remote control: Scans and provides information about malware, device information (computer specification, installed software, IP address, MAC address...);
- Real-time monitoring of online users.